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Leave no traces principles

Out of respect for others and the environment

Promoted for several years now, the seven major principles were enacted by the Leave No Trace organization. In presenting them to you, we simply wish to share with you the vision of the parc régional des Grandes-Coulées for outdoor activities that are respectful of others and of the environment.

Here are the seven “Leave No Trace” principles. To learn more about each of them, we invite you to visit the website of Leave No Trace Canada.

  1. Prepare ahead and plan
  2. Use durable surfaces
  3. Dispose of waste properly
  4. Leave what you find
  5. Minimise campfire impacts
  6. Respect wildlife
  7. Respect other visitors
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Virtual Tour

Dive into the heart of the action with a virtual tour of the parc régional des Grande-Coulées. From overhead or from a 360 degree perspective, explore our park and the available activities.

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