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Do you have questions regarding the regional park?

Is acces to the park free?

Yes, access to the park is free.

Are dogs welcome?

Dogs are welcome in the Forêt ancienne, provided they are kept on a leash at all times to avoid interfering with other visitors or wildlife. In addition, you are responsible for picking up after of your pet.

Dogs are not permitted in the Grande tourbière de Villeroy sector. We invite you to consult the “Animals” section for more information.

How many kilometres of trails are there in the park?

Forêt ancienne has a total of 12 km of trails. The Grand tourbière offers 3 km of trails and culminates in a 1.2 km boardwalk laid directly on a bog.

What is the park’s schedule? Is it open all year round?

To consult the schedule, go to the “Schedule and Rates” page for more details.

When there is a trail closure, the “Trail Conditions” are quickly updated.

(Forêt ancienne sector) Please note that a temporary closure of approximately one month takes place each spring during the thaw period, when the water level rises. This closure allows for the preservation of the trails. In addition, the access road to the parking lot usually becomes impassable.

The Grande tourbière de Villeroy sector is open May through November.

Is the refuge accessible at all times?

Open at all times according to the park’s schedule. The refuge is accessible to everyone during the day and is reserved exclusively for clients with reservations from 4 p.m. to 9 a.m.

How doe access to the fishing pools work?

A fishing permit is required. A limit of 5 fish per permit is allowed. The park stocks the Rivière Noire three times during the months of May and June.

Are bicycles allowed on the trails?

Yes, bicycles are allowed on the trails. As these are shared trails, we ask that this be done in a safe and cordial manner with hikers. Hikers have priority on the trails.

Is the refuge accessible by car?

No. The refuge is located about 2 km from the parking lot. If you rent the refuge for an overnight stay, you must plan to transport your luggage using the hiking trails. In winter, we suggest you use a sled.

Are snowshoes mandatory in winter?

No, snowshoes are not mandatory. However, they are usually a good idea following a significant snowfall. In general, the trails are very easy to walk in winter boots or with crampons.

Are the trails accessible for strollers?

Yes, the trails are accessible all year round with a large wheeled pushchair due to the fairly flat gradient and the configuration of the trails. In winter, the use of a sled may be recommended.

Do the hiking trails start from the administrative centre (reception office)?

No. The administrative centre, which is also a reception office, is located less than 10 km from the Forêt ancienne and 30 km from the Grande tourbière Villeroy. The reception office is the tourist information office for de the L’Érable region. The staff is available to provide you with information on the choice of routes or regarding rental equipment. Otherwise, you can access the trails by going directly to the two park.on.

What are your services?

Parking is free in both sectors. In the Forêt Ancienne sector, you’ll find a self-sustained welcome centre and a heated sanitary building with 4 ecological toilets, including 1 toilet accessible to people with reduced mobility, with a changing table. Two dry toilets are also available, the first situated at the refuge and the second near the rustic campsites.

We also offer various self-guided activities for school groups.

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