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Sleeping in the park

A Night in the Forest!

The Forêt Ancienne sector of the parc régional des Grandes-Coulées awaits you for a great night’s sleep in the heart of nature! To plan your outdoor holiday, take a good look at the different types of accommodations that are available to you. This part of the park is only ten minutes from Plessisville, so you’ll have access to all the amenities of this quaint little town (grocery store, convenience store, service station, etc.), while enjoying the peace and quiet of nature. The best of both worlds!

Let yourself be enchanted by the natural charm of the parc régional des Grandes-Coulées and enjoy every moment you spend here with family and friends!

As well as its accommodations, the Forêt Ancienne sector offers a range of activities accessible to everyone; added value when you want to enjoy the great outdoors during the day and relax in the evening. What’s more, some of you will be delighted to learn that dogs are welcome anywhere and at any time in this area. The same applies to the accommodations (under supervision, of course!).

Visit the following sections to find out where to stay in the parc régional des Grandes-Coulées.

Virtual Tour

Dive into the heart of the action with a virtual tour of the parc régional des Grande-Coulées. From overhead or from a 360 degree perspective, explore our park and the available activities.

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