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Grande tourbière de Villeroy

A magnificent territory!

Located in Villeroy, close to exit 253 of Highway 20, the Grande tourbière de Villeroy is focused on conservation and interpretation and is in the process of becoming a Quebec government designated ecological reserve. From May to November, it is possible to enjoy this exceptional location offering 3 km of trails, including a 1.2 km boardwalk directly on a bog.

Exceptionally, the sector had to close in September in 2023.

Being in the heart of an open bog, otherwise inaccessible, is a unique experience. It gives you a different perspective on nature and it’s magnificent.

Hikers and birdwatchers will especially enjoy walking these trails. They will discover the origins and characteristics of this second largest bog in southern Quebec, thanks to its interpretation panels. Its undeniable ecological importance for southern Quebec and its many biophysical characteristics demonstrate its great heritage and natural value.

Whether on or off the leash, your dog cannot accompany you within the Grande tourbière.

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